On 15th of April, a worker of the ‘St. Paul’s rehabilitation center’ – a non-profit partner organization of GELCU – received a call from the ‘Shoulder to shoulder’ charitable fund, with a short message: “Women and children from Kherson are on their way”.

They quickly contacted Iulia Zabara – a director of the hotel in the Pastor’s house at the territory of St. Paul’s Church center and heard the answer: “We are already waiting”. Iulia prepared rooms, met and accommodated the guests that arrived late at night.

The congregation of St. Paul invited them to take part in a festive Easter service and light a candle – a gift from our friends from the Regensburg deanery of Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Bavaria. They also organized an entertainment program for children and some treats for them and their parents. This was a celebration that helped them to forget the horrors of war at least for a while.