As Russia’s war against Ukraine continues for a sixth month, a WCC delegation led by WCC acting general secretary Rev. Prof. Dr Ioan Sauca visited Ukraine to listen to the representatives of local churches, as well as state institutions working with religious issues, and to ensure the participation of the Ukraine’s churches at the upcoming WCC assembly in Karlsruhe.

“When one part of the body suffers, all parts suffer with it. We are in Christian solidarity with all those who suffer in Ukraine,” said Sauca, reiterating the statement of the WCC central committee of 18 June 2022. The statement lamented the illegal invasion Russian Federation has launched on its neighbour, a sovereign state, resulting in appalling toll of death, destruction and displacement for people of Ukraine.

During the visit, the WCC delegation met with the Ukrainian Council of Churches and Religious Organizations in the St. Catherine`s Lutheran church in Kiev, which represents Christian denominations in Ukraine as well as Jewish and Muslim communities, and serves as an active platform for dialogue and relations with the state.

Lydia Tselsdorf, a member of the board of GELCU, presents v. Prof. Dr. Ioann Sauca a book about the history of the Lutheran Church and the congregation of St. Catherine