On July 21, the Evangelical-Lutheran parish of Pisz, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, provided another batch of aid to Kharkiv. They handed over 1,000 sets of dressing materials, 230 painkiller and anti-inflammatory drug packages, and 50 first-aid kits for the defenders of Kharkiv. The total cost of the aid provided is over 2 730 Eur. The aid was collected and handed over thanks to the Bethel Evangelical Association and Dr. Christian Mayle of the Order of St. John. Pavlo Shvarts, the bishop of GELCU, and his wife Agata came to receive the help.

The next shipment of aid is scheduled for August, it will include an ultrasound diagnostic machine for the Kharkiv hospital, first-aid kits, and medication.