Together with God…

…honoring the past,

caring for the present,

building up the future!


Building up active Lutheran congregations that are able to preach the Good News to all those, who are open to it, and show God’s mercy with the acts of love to those, who is in need of it.


A team of active and competent people, who coordinate efforts of Lutheran congregations and mobilize all available resources to perform their mission to the best of their ability.


  • Faithfulness to the Word of God
  • Affiliation with the global Lutheran community
  • Continuity in Lutheran legacy of German tradition
  • Ecumenic openness
  • The calling for inner and world missions
  • Openness to science and culture
  • Social ministry
  • Priesthood of all believers
  • Democracy and accountability
  • Importance of theological and secular education
  • Openness to partnership
  • Respect for the statehood of Ukraine