The Chairman of the Council of the Lutheran Community of the village of Zmievka and a member of the presidium of the Synod of GELCU, Nina Knutas, was injured by debris during shelling from the Russian occupation forces. At the hospital, the wreckage was removed and moderate barotrauma was diagnosed. Nina refused further hospitalization and was sent home.

“In early September, she returned with humanitarian cargo from the Petrodolinske community back to Zmiyivvka. I couldn’t be here knowing that people were suffering there and needed care. Today Nina came under fire and was taken to the hospital with injuries. We pray for her eventual recovery and continued safety!” – writes the pastor of the Zmiyivka congregation, Alexander Gross.

Before this, during the preliminary shelling, Nina’s house was damaged, the parsonage was destroyed and the church was damaged. The situation in the village remains very difficult.