On Sunday, September 10, the opening of the XI festival of organ music named after Teophil Richter in St. Paul Lutheran church in Odessa.

It was launched in 2012 and has been held annually, except last year. The festival is named after the organist of St. Paul’s Church, who was shot by the Soviet authorities in 1941, the father of the world-famous musician Svyatoslav Richter. Despite the continuation of the war, the organizers attracted not only Ukrainian, but also foreign artists. In particular, a virtuoso organist from Strasbourg, Bernard Struber, will perform as part of the festival.

The organist of St. Paul’s Church, Veronika Struk, Nataliya Litvynova (violin), Anastasia Blokha (soprano, Moldova), and Anna Bogach (soprano) performed at the opening. The musicians performed the works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Christoph Williband Glück and other famous composers.

From left to right: N. Litvynova, E. Palamarchuk (presenter), A. Bogach, V. Struk, A. Blokha. Photo: V. Bogatyrev.