After the victory of the Ukrainian defense forces in the battle for Kyiv and the retreat of the invaders from the Kiev, Sumy and Chernihiv regions, our congregation in Shostka was deblocked, and the life of our parishioners in Kyiv and Bila Tserkva became much safer. However the North of Ukraine is still at risk of missile and air strikes from the territory of Belarus.

Ukrainian troops continue the counteroffensive in the direction of Kherson. Unfortunately, because of this, our parishioners in Zmшшvka, who are still blocked by Putin’s troops, risk being in the line of fire. Please pray for Zmiivka and the surrounding settlements, as well as for the liberation of Kherson.

The situation in Berdyansk remains difficult – the city is occupied by Russian troops. Nevertheless, our community continues to gather for services to support each other and help refugees from Mariupol. Please pray for the successful defense of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in Donetsk, Lugansk, Kharkiv and Zaporozhye regions and the subsequent de-occupation of these territories.