With the support of friends and partners, the congregation of GELCU in the village Petrodolynske of the Odesa region is actively involved in the public life of the village and its surrounding area – the so-called German Valley – the territory of historical German settlements before the Second World War, and responds to the needs of its locals.

Since the beginning of the acute phase of the war, the problem of employment escalated. For instance, several members of the Petrodolynske congregation lost their jobs. The Council of the congregation, supported by the Spiritual Orphans Network mission from the United States, embarked on a project to renovate buildings used by the congregation. The guest house required replacing of a part of the exterior wall cladding, the church building required a facade repair, and the house bought for the Bible school needed almost complete cosmetic renovation.

Repair works began on 1 May. Thanks to this project the residents were able to get a job – professional builders, the youth of the congregation, and a family of internally displaced persons from the Donetsk region, who live in a guest house.

“As soon as the war is over – all our friends are very welcome to come over for a visit” – the pastor of the congregation Alexander Gross, wrote on his Facebook page.

The congregation is also actively involved in charitable work. In an interview with the local publication Petrodolynske.info, Alexander Gross said:

“In each of the five villages, we had the opportunity to help more than 100 elderly people with food packages worth 500 hryvnia each. Together with the mayor of Petrodolynske, we bought canned meat back in March, and now we are deciding how we will use it to help people.

The largest portion of the meat, about 500 cans, will be sent to the frontline, more than 300 cans will be used for making a reserve in Petrodolynske and to put together 100 food packages for the villagers. We hope that next week or a little later, we together with social workers, will be able to deliver this help.”

The congregation thanks all its friends and partners, for supporting this ministry at this difficult time!