On July 4-16, a day children’s camp “Summer School” took place based on the “Svitlo” Christian alternative school in Rivne, the principal of which, Serhiy Terentiev, is also a pastor of the “God’s Covenant” Reformed Evangelical Church in Rivne.

The first week of the camp was colorful: every day participants and organizers wore clothes of a certain color. Children were given texts for home reading. Knowledge of these texts was tested during a special quiz, the results of which gave the trivia champion the opportunity to receive a super prize – a trip with a friend to the “Leopark” entertainment center. In addition, a very active program awaited the participants: music and English lessons, the “Knowledge of the World” lessons in an interesting game format, city walks, and a visit to the zoo. The highlight of the first week was learning the technique of calligraphy with ink pens, after which the children were able to design a postcard in a shape of a cake with incredible swirls of curved, slanted, and broken lines.

The second week was dedicated to countries of the world. The participants “toured” the United States, Japan, Great Britain (this day’s program ended with a trip to the planetarium), and France, studying some cultural peculiarities of these countries, and on the last day “returned” to Ukraine and got introduced to the folk songs of the Rivne region, the traditions, and customs of the Ukrainian people, and tested their skills, speed, and ingenuity at Cossack competitions.