We are happy to inform that the executive and judicial branches of the Ukrainian state have officially recognized the right and authority of the German Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Ukraine (GELCU) for autonomy in matters of regulating and controlling compliance with the Constitution of the Church and of governing the Church Administration. All legal obstacles for such activity were eliminated and all lawsuits relating to GELCU leadership were dismissed.

St. Paul church and Church Administration building in Odessa (photo dumskaya.net)

In connection with that, the government authorities have entered information into the State Register, confirming that the Head of the Church Administration (Episcopate) of GELCU is Pavlo Shvarts, who was elected for this position in accordance with the Constitution of the Church.

Henceforth, Pavlo Shvarts has obtained full legal authority to act on behalf of GELCU and take care of church-state relations as the Head of Church Administration (Episcopate) of GELCU.

Bishop Pavlo Shvarts

After his election by the Synod in 2019, the installation of Pavlo Shvarts as Bishopf of the GELCU was effected by the chairman of the Episcopal Council of the Federation of Evangelical Lutheran Churches, Alexander Scheiermann, with the participation of the bishops of the Lutheran Churches of Georgia, Poland and Hungary, in the presence of representatives of international missions and other Christian denominations. The assumption of the bishop’s office by Pavlo Shvarts was acknowledged by World Lutheran Federation.

Government of GELCU