Pentecost is the day, when the Church commemorates the descent of the Holy Spirit upon the Apostles and the beginning of His active ministry. It is the perfect time for performing the rite of confirmation. Upon the completion of the Basics of Christian Faith learning course, believers solemnly and willfully affirm oaths given at their baptism by their parents or godparents. From now on they can become full members of Lutheran congregations, have a right to vote at assemblies, elect and be elected to leading positions in the Church. This is an important and responsible step in the life of a Christian. Therefore, it is good when it is made in the festive atmosphere of remembering the Holy Spirit, who nourishes and edifies His Church. 

Three young people were confirmed in the Holy Ascension congregation in Kharkov – Daria, Elena and Vlad. The rite was conducted by Bishop Pavlo Shvarts. The service was accompanied by singing of the congregation’s choir Te Deum, and in the end, everyone enjoyed Christian songs performed by children attending music class and Sunday school. 

Members of three Lutheran congregations in Odessa region gathered for joint festive worship service in Novogradkovka, where four new visitors went through confirmation – Polina, Martha, who serve in Sunday school, and Olga, who serves in “Bethany” children’s center. Confirmation was conducted by pastor Alexander Gross assisted by deacon Alexander Zhakun from Odessa, and the heads of Petrodolyna and Novogradkovka congregations – Alexander Tebelius and Lyudmila Keksel. Also, during the service Anna Maria Gross was blessed to start a ministry to teenagers of these congregations.

The shelter “Harbour” in the village Andreyevka hosted confirmation of the House of Mercy boarders – Sergey and Galina, conducted by the pastor Igor Shemigon. In his sermon he pronounced:

“All Christians are called to be channels for communication with God. Jesus called us to be his witnessed to the end of the earth. For most of us our witnessing will extend to the neighboring areas or even our own homes. Are we ready to accept his inspiration and allow him to speak through us? Are we asking God for wisdom and inspiration? Are we emptying ourselves to let the Spirit fill us?”

 A new church member Irina have joined the ranks of “Salvation” congregation in Shostka. The rite of confirmation was conducted by the congregation’s pastor Vladislav Tsekhanovich.