Alexander Zhakoon, deacon of St. Paul congregation in Odessa:

“A situation in Odessa is not so heavy then in Kiev, Kharkov or Mariupol. There are not clashes around the city. The city is safe because Nikolaev keep the defense. If Nikolaev will fall Odessa may be next… Our army make a good job on this direction and we hope that God save Odessa from fights and damage.

City turned in a a fortress and prepares to assault. Our St. Paul Church is not an exception. The basement of Pastor’s house is ready to host people who shall hide from a shelling.

Majority of St.Paul congregation left the city. But it is important time for those who stay for praying, listening Word of God and worship together every Sunday. The Church council helps older parishioners and people who are in need with food and financial help. We are thankful to GELCU, Spiritual Orphans Network and other friends and partners who support this work!

Food and other goods are available but cost expensive. Government and other services works well”