Vladislav Tsekhanovich, pastor of the “Salvation” congregation in the city of Shostka:

“We have a small but friendly congregation and we continue our services, although parishioners can visit them regularly.

From the very beginning of the war, the city of Shostka was partially blocked by Putin’s troops. They did not enter the city. Shostka with the surrounding settlements, was cut off from the territory controlled by the government. The local self-government of Shostka, Novgorod-Seversky and other localities that found themselves in the same situation united to solve supply issues together. For a long time we managed on our own. Only recently a humanitarian cargo from Poltava arrived in the city.

The situation in the city was relatively safe until a chemical plant and several other businesses were destroyed by bombing on 14th of March. Numerous air raid alerts that paralyze the lives of the townspeople bring anxiety to the life of citizens”.