Ihor Shemihon pastor of St. Martin`s congregation and staff member of House of Mercy:

“We are infinitely grateful to our friends and their donors from the Czech Diakonie who supported us in purchasing a new car. Now it is extremely necessary to transport our wards, workers and humanitarian goods from the war zone. So now the organization has 2 cars, including the new Renault Express!

We thank the German Evangelical Lutheran Church of Ukraine for 5,000 hryvnias ($167) for the purchase of food. We bought it and delivered to our parishioners who remain in Kyiv”

“Дім милосердя” (“House of Mercy”) is a partner in mission of GELCU that works with homeless people. Pastor Ihor Shemihon is worker of this organization and some wards of House of Mercy became parishioners of St. Martin congregation in Kyiv.